Mindfulness and Coaching CCE

This course is suitable for all coaches who wish to deepen their confidence, skills, connection, and presence through a more mindful approach to coaching. It is accredited by the ICF for CCE points: 9.5 CC and 1.5 RD 

This training is run in collaboration with Optimus Coach Academy

Mondays 10 am - 1.15 pm (3 hours + 15 min break)

6th November 2023

13th November 2023

20th November 2023

27th November 2023

Mindfulness is a powerful technique for transformation, well-being, and building resilience. It teaches us to be fully present in the moment, with ourselves and others without judgment or expectation. Applying the skills of mindfulness to coaching allows you to deepen your presence and how you hold space for your clients, ask more meaningful questions, and see beyond the surface level of what they are saying. 

This approach allows your clients to experience more insight, reflection, and inquiry and leads to deeper, more meaningful conversations and change. 

As a “practice,” mindfulness is a skill to be cultivated – on both a personal basis and within the coaching container. With these skills, you can support your clients not only by experiencing this approach in the coaching space but by sharing simple techniques for them to use in between sessions.

On this course we will be working with group discussion, lecture and practice as we explore:

  • What is mindfulness

  • Developing a personal mindfulness practice

  • Mindfulness coaching

  • How to introduce mindfulness techniques to your clients

  • The journey of a mindful coaching session

  • Client connection on a deeper level

  • Deep listening with mindfulness

  • Somatic inquiry and exploring our body’s intelligence

  • Working in a trauma-sensitive way

  • Transformation and Insight

Benefits of the Course

- Enhanced Coaching Presence: Develop a deeper level of presence and attention, supporting your ability to connect with clients on a profound level.

- Empowered Self-Awareness: Use mindfulness to uncover your own triggers, biases, and emotions, leading to more impactful coaching interactions.

- Effective Communication: Improve active listening and questioning skills through mindful techniques, facilitating better client engagement.

- Holistic Goal Setting: Infuse mindfulness into the goal-setting process, helping clients set authentic and resonant objectives.

- Sustainable Change: Equip yourself with tools to help clients sustain their progress and navigate challenges with a mindful and empowered mindset.

Related to ICF Competencies

- Active Listening: Enhance active listening skills through mindfulness practices.

- Self-Awareness: Foster self-awareness in coaches by integrating mindfulness.

- Presence: Develop a deeper coaching presence with mindfulness techniques.

- Powerful Questioning: Apply mindfulness to ask impactful and resonant questions.

- Goal Setting and Planning: Use mindfulness to guide clients in setting meaningful goals.

-Managing Progress and Accountability: Learn how to use mindfulness to enhance accountability and progress tracking.

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